How does the parking system work for vehicle management?

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The parking lot charging system adopts a non-contact smart card, and a set of entrance and exit management equipment is installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, so that the parking lot forms a relatively closed place. When entering and exiting the car, you only need to shake the IC card in front of the card reader box. It can complete inspection, recording, accounting, charging and other tasks in an instant, and automatically open and close the lane gate, which facilitates the management of the parking lot. Both the vehicle owner and the management personnel of the parking lot hold a smart card of their own as personal identification. Only the smart card approved by the system can be operated (management card) or in and out (parking card), which fully guarantees the system The security and confidentiality of the vehicle can effectively prevent the theft of the vehicle and relieve the car owner from worries.

  • Chinese name : Parking lot charging system

  • Reading distance  : IC card about 10CM

  • Communication  : RS485WG interface 4 IO ports

  • Voltage : AC220/50HZ

  • card type  : Non-contact IC card

  • Excellent point : Security and Confidentiality

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system introduction

The management card is issued in grades and the authority is determined to prevent the management staff from cheating. Any holder of a management card must register with the card before operating on the machine. For the export duty officer, they can enter after the operation is registered.

Charge management, during this period, all charges for the export are automatically recorded under the name of the attendant and stored in the computer database. Since the duty officer is restricted by the authority with the operation card and cannot enter the higher software menu items in the system, he cannot interfere with the data recorded by the computer; the superior manager can check, verify or print a duty period or any period of time with the card at any time Work records of the entire parking lot. This fundamentally eliminates the loss of parking fees and financial statistics errors, and at the same time the system runs automatically, eliminating the economic losses caused by the favored cars and the overlord cars.

Parking cards can be issued according to different needs. Four types of cards: monthly rental card (monthly pass card), stored value card, special card (free card) and hourly card (temporary card). Monthly rental card and special card are based on time Limit; the balance of the stored-value card is the limit; the hourly rental card is easy and convenient to pick up when you arrive. In addition, the monthly rental card and the stored-value card are paid in advance to make the parking management simple and proactive.

The system supports 16 different charging methods for different types of vehicles to meet the requirements of separate charging by vehicle types.

The system automatically counts and bills, recognizes special cards and monthly cards, and collects cash manually on hourly cards. The service is fast and efficient. The computer display screen and the charge display screen simultaneously display the parking time and the toll, the balance or validity period on the card, and the charge. With high transparency, the ticket box display also prompts and guides residents to use the parking lot, and greets them in civilized language, so that residents feel comfortable, so as to attract more users and improve use efficiency. The electric driveway gates of the system have the functions of anti-lifting and anti-smashing; the detection device of the system adopts advanced digital-to-analog conversion technology, which has strong anti-interference ability, adapts to various harsh environments, and is unique in that both sensitivity and reliability are improved. The system can check parking spaces at any time.

The system also installs a high-resolution color fixed camera, a fixed bracket, and an automatic iris manual focus lens at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, which can monitor vehicle entry and exit for 24 hours, and can see the license plate number. When a vehicle enters the parking lot, the camera transmits the signal to the parking lot management system through a video cable and stores it in the database. When a vehicle leaves the parking lot, in addition to paying the necessary management fees, all the information (license plate, model, color, etc.) of the leaving vehicle must be the same as the data when entering the parking lot before the brake lever is raised to allow vehicle to pass.

Technical Parameters

  1. Card reading distance: IC card about 10CM, ID card (EM) card is about 50CM, UHF card, 7m/15m/22m

  2. Communication: RS485WG interface 4 IO ports;

  3. Voltage: AC220/50HZ;

  4. Can run offline, the number of offline is about 30W;

  5. Working environment: -20-60 degrees humidity <95% non-condensing

  6. Support nested management

  7. Can be used with DUOAO elevator, access control, consumer smart card

Charging system function

basic skills

①With the management authority of various card types such as monthly card, hourly card, management card, free card, etc., it can be set to charge or no charge according to requirements;

②Different charging standards can be set according to user needs to meet different parking fees for different vehicles;

③It can be used offline or online. In any case, the traffic information can be recorded. When the network is disconnected and the system is in an offline state, the system operates normally, the network is connected, and the data is automatically restored;

④The system does not completely rely on the management computer to run, which greatly improves the reliability and stability of the system's operation;

⑤The system is equipped with dual anti-smashing functions such as pressure electric wave detection and vehicle detectors to avoid accidents of trailing cars.

Automatic card fetching function

The automatic card pick-up machine automatically ejects cards, which can control one car and one card (200 cards can be loaded), and realize unattended management of admission. When the exiting vehicle presses on the ground coil, the vehicle sensor is triggered and the antenna is activated at the same time. The moon truck host card is within 10CM of the antenna. Show the card, the antenna can read the card data, and send the data to the sensor processing module, and then to the computer for processing.

Charge display function

Use LED electronic display in Chinese and English: display the time of appearance, charge amount, balance in the card, card validity, full or inserted parking space and related information of the parking lot, so that administrators and car owners can understand related information.

Voice prompt function

Normal operation can prompt please read card, charge amount, validity period and other related information, humanized prompts such as misoperation or illegal operation.

Intercom function

Install intercom mainframes in the management center, and install intercom extensions at all entrances and exits, to ensure that all entrances and exits and the management center get in touch in time to ensure unimpeded access to car owners.

Image contrast function

The high-resolution camera is used to automatically capture when the vehicle enters the field, the image is natural, clear and bright, and ultra-low illumination, adapts to the low-illuminance environment, and adopts the self-developed filter automatic switching technology (by taking pictures when the car enters and exits, so as to manually image comparison, to determine whether the identified vehicle belongs to the same vehicle, and reduce the occurrence of incidents such as vehicle theft).

Anti-smashing\scratch function

Special infrared or ultrasonic technology is used with vehicle detectors to realize the function of preventing people and vehicles from being hit. That is, when people or vehicles under the barrier, the gate rod will not fall when approaching the gate in the sensing area. After the people or vehicles leave, the gate will automatically fall.

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Charging system process

Entry equipment and process

When a temporary car enters the parking lot, the vehicle detection coil located under the lane detects the arrival of the car, and the light on the card issuer panel display at the entrance prompts the driver to press the key to take the card. When the driver presses the key, the card issuer in the card issuer sends an IC card, which is sent to the card exit via the card transport mechanism, and the card reading process is completed. At the same time, the entrance camera is activated to record an image of the vehicle, and according to the corresponding card number, it is stored in the computer image database of the exit toll office. After the driver picks up the card, the electric railing lifts the rail to let the vehicle pass, and the vehicle automatically lowers the railing after passing the vehicle detection coil.

When the monthly rental card vehicle enters the parking lot, the vehicle detection coil located under the lane detects the car. The driver passes the monthly rental card within 10 cm of the induction area of the entrance ticket box panel, and the IC card reader in the ticket box reads it. Judging the validity of the card’s characteristics and relevant information. If it is valid, the entrance camera is activated to record an image of the vehicle, and based on the corresponding card number, it is stored in the computer database of the exit toll office. The electric railing lifts the fence to let the vehicle pass, and the vehicle automatically lowers the railing after passing the vehicle detection coil. If it is invalid, the light will alarm and the entrance is not allowed.

Export equipment and process

The export part is mainly composed of export card readers, electric railings, toll display screens, vehicle inspection equipment, interphone , and color cameras.

When a temporary car leaves the parking lot, at the exit, the driver gives the parking lot IC card to the toll collector. The computer at the exit automatically calls out the entrance image based on the IC card record information, makes manual comparisons, and automatically calculates the dues, and passes the charge display screen shows, prompting the driver to pay. After the toll collector confirms that the charges and the image comparison are correct, press the confirm button and the electric railing rises. After the vehicle passes the vehicle detection coil buried under the lane, the electric railing automatically falls, and the toll computer records the vehicle information in the toll database.

When the monthly rental card vehicle leaves the parking lot, the vehicle detection coil located under the lane detects the car. The driver passes the monthly rental card within 10 cm of the induction area of the exit ticket box panel, and the IC card reader in the ticket box reads the characteristics of the card and relevant IC card information to determine its validity. At the same time, the computer at the toll office automatically calls out the entrance image for manual comparison. The toll collector confirms that it is correct and the monthly rental card is valid, the electric railings are used to release the vehicle, and the vehicle sensor detects that the vehicle has passed, the railing will automatically fall; if it is invalid, the alarm will be reported and the release will not be allowed.

control center

The charge control office equipment is composed of charge control computer, UPS, report printer, operation console, manual entry button, manual exit button, voice prompt system and voice intercom system.

The operator is responsible for the management and charging of temporary cards, monthly rental cards, and special cards through the toll control computer. The image contrast recognition function reduces the recognition and read-write time of vehicle models and license plates, and increases the speed of vehicle flow. The image comparison is used in conjunction with the ID card to completely achieve the purpose of anti-theft car. In and out of the image archive, to prevent false reports of free vehicles. "One car, one card": strictly control the behavior of cardholders entering and leaving the parking lot, intelligently manage entrances and exits, and is also responsible for issuing corresponding control signals to the report printer, complete the data collection and downloading of the parking lot, query and print reports, statistical analysis, system maintenance and monthly card sales at the same time .

Manual entry button, manual exit button

Mainly for the intelligent control of entrance and exit barriers, it can carry out three functions: lift gate, release gate and stop. The voice prompt system and the voice intercom system only provide friendly prompts for the communication between the operator and the driver and for charging. The service function of the system is more comprehensive.

The central management system, the export equipment and the entrance equipment transfer data wirelessly. The vehicle detectors, card readers, and other input equipment in the entrance and exit equipment transfer the collected information to the management system for processing, and then transfer to the printer after processing , Parking lot entrance and exit control machine and other output equipment. The parking lot entrance and exit control machine controls the corresponding equipment to execute commands according to the instructions transmitted by the central management system. The system realizes highly automated management, and can deal with the parking of special cards, long-term cards and temporary card users according to the set procedures, which reduces the consumption of corresponding manpower and material resources and improves the efficiency of the system.

The gradual popularity of parking guidance systems in my country has opened the curtain for the use of intelligent parking management systems. In view of the high efficiency, safety, reliability, maintainability, practicability, and standardization of intelligent parking management systems, Intelligent parking lot management system will be popularized in various parking lots in the near future.

System computer configuration requirements

  • Hard disk: 500G

  • Memory: 2G

  • Operating system: XP\WEN2000

  • 2 or more PCI expansion slots

  • Recommend I3 configuration

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