How to choose The Most Suitable Barrier Gate?

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How to choose the barrier?

Product selection needs to consider function, price, quality, brand, and service. As an important system for the management of vehicle passages, parking barriers are actually involved in many problems. If the selected barrier is not suitable, it will waste money, become serious and affect the efficiency of the entire parking lot and the continuous troubles of the management staff! Before discussing the selection of barriers, let us clarify the following issues:

*What are the requirements of the application environment?

*How to choose the barrier motor?

*Which details are more important for the barrier selection?

1. The Requirements of the Application Environment

Conventional demand environments include road control, residential properties, shopping malls, parks, factories, etc. There will be different requirements of the opening speed of the barrier gate and the thermal adaptability of the barrier movement, when the total number of parking spaces, average traffic flow, peak channel traffic flow and other data are in Different environments.

Road control has high requirements on the performance of barrier. Usually the opening speed is required to be within 1.5S. At the same time, it requires strong thermal adaptability (that is, continuous working will not thermally protect and burn the motor). Thermal adaptability includes adapting to the ambient temperature and the barrier itself. Usually, the adaptive temperature is -25°~70°. The calorific value of the barrier itself is directly related to the integrated energy conversion efficiency of the motor and the reducer (most of the unconverted energy is converted into heat). Generally, the energy conversion efficiency of road control gate should reach more than 85%.

Commercials, parks, residential properties, hospitals and other civil categories. The lifting speed of the barrier is usually about 2-3S, and the thermal adaptability requirements are relatively high. Usually, it will work continuously for more than 3 hours without thermal protection. The comprehensive energy conversion efficiency of the reducer is above 70%.

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In factories or other environments with relatively low traffic flow, the lifting speed of the barrier is usually about 3-6 seconds in order to obtain better economy.

2. How to choose the barrier motor?

Due to the different requirements of different environments, the following is the interpretation of the selection of barrier motors for more common residential properties.

Generally, there are three types of barrier motors on the market: three-phase Variable Frequency Motors, brushless DC motors, and Servo Motors.

l Three-phase Variable Frequency motor: Three-phase motor is a common induction motor (induction motor is also a kind of brushless motor). The stator winding of the motor is usually the three-phase power converted The internal stator windings of the motor are usually three-phase electricity converted by frequency converter. The line voltage of the internal stator windings of the motor is 220V. As we all know, under the same power condition, the higher the voltage, the smaller the current and the smaller the line loss, so the three-phase motor has a high energy conversion efficiency. The rotation of the motor stator is driven by the difference conversion potential of three-phase phase 120°, and no other components are needed. Therefore, the three-phase motor has been widely used since its invention. Its main features are strong stability, relatively simple structure, and low maintenance cost. But itself can not speed the need to use frequency converter to complete.

l The low-voltage DC inputted from the DC brushless motor is also a type of induction motor. Two methods are usually used to drive the rotor to rotate. ① The stator winding is still the same as the three-phase motor, but the windings with 3 angles are still DC.The single-chip microcomputer controls the power-on time and length of each angle of the line, which has achieved a similar effect to the three-phase phase difference; ②The DC power is inverted into three-phase power through the inverter, and the stator winding inside the motor is the three-phase power form. The main characteristics of DC motors are: strong safety, smooth speed regulation (no need to resort to other equipment), large torque, but usually the internal structure is complex, maintenance is difficult, and the maintenance cost is high.

l Servo motor refers to a motor that controls the position and state of the rotor with high precision through the servo system. The servo system is positioned and has the function of sending pulses. Therefore, every time the servo motor rotates one angle, it will return a corresponding number of pulses. In this way, it forms a closed loop with the pulse received by the servo motor. At present, the common more advanced permanent magnet synchronous servo motor can achieve three closed-loop control (torque, angular distance, angular speed) with an accuracy of up to 0.01°.

At present, three-phase inverter motors and brushless DC motors are more common in the parking lot barrier market. Servo motors are usually used in areas with high precision requirements, such as robotic arms. Some manufacturers use high-precision servo motors as gimmicks, but the practicality is actually low. For the commercials, parks and property community markets, three-phase inverter motors will be more suitable. The motor technology is mature and stable, the conversion efficiency is higher, and the maintenance is relatively simple, but the inverter efficiency adjustment is still difficult. So when choosing, you can see if the manufacturer has applied it in other large-scale cases. If it is, there is basically no problem.

LED Light type Barrier Gate, more suitable for Shopping mall, commerical, hospital, etc.

3. Which details are more important for barrier selection?

(1) Strength and anti-rust ability of internal support structure, the brand companies usually use cast iron parts + electroplating anti-rust treatment (through chemical principles to absorb a layer of copper ions on the surface to achieve anti-rust effect). Such collocation can ensure strength and long - term use without rust. Some small companies’ products usually use sheet metal parts in order to save costs, without rust-proof surface treatment,which will not cause too much problem in a short period of time. Sheet metal parts are bent and stamped by external force. The accuracy is not high, and the structure may be deformed under long-term force. If the environmental humidity is high, it will rust faster. Both of these problems will lead to irreparable or high repair costs.

(2) The thermal adaptability is mentioned above, and the low temperature adaptability also needs attention. Most ordinary barriers are easy to strike in low temperature environments. You can understand which form of low temperature problems the gates pass through. It is through heating peripherals or motor self-heating, the latter motor self-heating will be better, and the failure rate of fewer parts will be introduced.

(3) Anti-smashing car function, usually the ground feeling is standard, basically all brands are equipped. However, there are many cases that affect the ground sense. In order to ensure the readiness, it is usually used with pressure waves. Some advanced technology will have a moment to check the anti-impact vehicle (lift pole with resistance). If you want to prevent smashing people, you need to support infrared induction.

(4) Self-learning function of the barrier. This is a very practical function in a few brands of products. Conventional products can only judge and set the speed of lifting the rod by the length and the type of the rod, without considering the lubrication and heating and cooling impacts on damping. The self-learning function can read the damping and torque during the operation of the equipment, so that the appropriate lifting speed of the automatic equipment will be continuously matched during the operation to avoid overload or low efficiency of the gate.

(5) Early warning for the disassembly of the gate and the gate of the gate. This function does not need to be explained too much. The main purpose is to prevent the loss from further expansion after unmanned passage unloading and evasion of fees.

(6) The operation status of the barrier gate is reported. The conventional barrier gate is controlled by the license plate recognition machine (or the entrance and exit control machine). The system only knows the state of the control machine. If the barrier is offline or abnormal, the parking lot system cannot understand it, so Whether the running status is reported is also an important detail.

(7) How to choose ancillary products such as parking lot system, license plate recognition machine, unattended terminal (parking robot), etc., also need to consider many factors.

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