Which System Should I Choose?UHF OR LPR

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RFID Long-Range Identification & License Plate Recognition is popular and useful system for parking system. While user always didn't know which is more suitable. Hope the article will help you have a clearer idea.

Here is the advantage of UHF long range identification,

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  1. Identifies RFID tag sticks on car or motorcycle (or even human) in remote distance, from 10~25 meters (car) or 2~5 meters (motorcycle)

  2. Unique 12-byte identification serial number, non-copiable, provides high security level

  3. Accepts any RFID tag which is compatible with ISO18000-6B ISO18000-6C standard

  4. Do not stop, do not open the window to read the card; in bad weather, car owners will no longer be affected by wind, rain and snow outside the window.

  5. Do not stop to read the card, greatly increase the excessive flow of vehicles, and no longer have long queues in traffic jams during rush hours.

  6. There is no mutual interference between the readers (adopting advanced communication technology and code division multiple access), good directionality, and effectively solve the problem of mutual interference between the front, rear, left, and right lanes.

  7. The card reading speed is fast, the reading distance is long, and it has good directionality. The reading distance can be controlled (1-5 meters, 5-10 meters, 10-20 meters adjustable). 10-60 km/h can read the card without stopping

  8. Do not stop and read the card at the entrances and exits of up and down ramps and bends to prevent the vehicle from stalling and starting at half a slope.

  9. Not affected by vehicle protective film (such as anti-riot film), suitable for all vehicles.

  10. Wiegand 26/34, RS232C/485 adaptable interface, with good scalability, can be used in other parking lots, highways, and long-distance recognition fields.

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How's License Plate Recognition?

Best Application


  1. Just input the alphanumerical characters on the plate to register a vehicle, simple and easy!

  2. Able to accept temporary car parking

  3. Works with computerized pay station to establish a temporary carparking toll collection system

  4. No card required, no consumables, no card losing or stealing problem anymore!

  5. Don’t need to open window to get the card, best choice for drivers when heavy rain

  6. Suitable for parking lot which vehicles has a license plate located in the front

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